NextBus Unites with Google Maps!

If you live in many cities, the transit systems are using a system called NextBus to tell you almost exactly when the next bus will arrive at a particular stop and help you avoid the fate of waiting for the train when it’s pouring rain out for hours on end.
Using a combination of wireless transmitters and GPS, they are accurate, because they can account for traffic delays that a schedule can’t predict. In the case of the N-Judah it’s usually some guy double parking his car on the narrow streets in Cole Valley.
Now, NextBus is providing complete, accurate route maps and real time indicators of where all buses or streetcars are online, on a Google Map. Take a look and see for yourself at this link, which shows the N-Judah line, in real time.
Although not all SF Muni buses have NextBus installed at bus stops, this is a good start. It beats relying on the folks at, better known as 511 Is A Joke, who are notorious for giving out info that’s just plain wrong. You’re better off calling SF Muni directly and asking directions if you’re lost – 511 is a Joke almost always screws up.

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2 Responses to NextBus Unites with Google Maps!

  1. Eric says:

    I heart NextBus.
    I used to live in Los Angeles, and relied heavily on my car. Frankly, I still do. But, in the city, I love the 6, as it takes me up and down Masonic with less pain than walking! 🙂
    Because NextBus is so great, I wanted to get the word out more, and added support for it on my service, MoDazzle. Send a text message or email to MoDazzle, and we grab your NextBus predictions for you. No mobile browser!
    All the details are here
    Thanks for letting me get the word out.
    P.S. The N-Judah is pretty cool to.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    @Eric: thanks for the link. I really need to do an updated Links of Interest feature with all the ways one can find out when MUNI is or is not arriving, via iphones, SMS, and the like. Gracias mucho!

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