The N-Judah Chronicles is Officially Open!

Today marks the “official” opening of The N-Judah Chronicles online. After an intense month learning about the technical details of setting up a Movable Type blog, migrating files, learning CSS and PHP, et al, it’s up and running. Hooray!
First, let me thank two people who helped make the move to this site possible: my friend Lauren Oliver, whose insight, design of the site’s new logo, and overall willingness to listen to me late at night earns my profound thanks.
I also want to thank future contributor “Mason Powell” (a nom de plum) for his help moving the archives and debugging the site. He will be adding entries as time allows on a range of subjects, and has already been commenting on the site.
So what will you find here at the N-Judah Chronicles? Everything that makes living in San Francisco at once wonderful, and a pain in the ass, all at the same time.
Among the subjects you’ll find: the Great SF Tradition of trading stories about the Muni’s Follies, and the occasional chatter about Muni Policy (but not too much – we try to keep the mood light).
There are also articles discussing local history and reports from the shenanigans of our fellow citizens on Muni. And what blog is complete without snarky comments on the decline and fall of Western Civilization?
Later this month you’ll start to see postings giving you a guide to nightlife along the N-Judah line and suggested places to go out on the weekend that are fun, affordable, and accessible by mass transit. It’s not so much that I hate cars – I just hate having one in the city.
To everyone who’s already been reading, thanks for stopping by, and for new readers, welcome!
UPDATE A very warm thank you to Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist for posting a link at his cool blog. Thanks! I always walk by the Craigslist world headquarters on the way to my mailbox….you all rock.

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3 Responses to The N-Judah Chronicles is Officially Open!

  1. Neela says:

    It looks great! Wishing you the best on this new site!

  2. Tiffany says:

    your site looks great!

  3. clevgrl says:

    I am a San Francisco native culturally forlorned in San Diego, reminiscing my childhood across the St. from the Market St. Safeway and the Mint. Your site is what I miss about home. The N Judah Chronicles brings me back. BEST of LUCK!

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