Free Rides on Muni for Earthquake Day

Hey San Franciscans (and visitors too) – tomorrow, April 18th, you can ride Muni for FREE! Since there will be all sorts of big events for Earthquake Day, Muni has announced that all buses and Munis are free so you don’t have to drive to anything.
Communters beware that there will be some delays, and some stops will be relocated so beware. And enjoy the parade and festivities too!

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One Response to Free Rides on Muni for Earthquake Day

  1. Jamison says:

    I was surprised to discover there wasn’t any asterisk on that “All Muni Free” heading like “does not include cable car lines”
    I guess I’ve just gotten used to things like metro station close at 10 meaning they close at 9:35 or “there’s another train right behind me” meaning a 20 minute disruption.

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