Opening Day for the San Francisco Giants….and Dear Mr. Ford…

If you’re going to the big game today, be sure to take the N-Judah to the ballpark. It’ll drop you off right in front of the stadium so you don’t have to worry about parking, etc.
Also, be aware that you can no longer buy a return fare outside the stadium before the game like you could in the past. You’re better off just paying at the farebox with your quarters and dollars instead, I think.
And, if you’re connecting to BART or other transit don’t forget to take advantage of these little incentives that’ll shave oh, a quarter or so off your return fare home.
Enjoy the game and this window of good weather we’re having…it’s supposed to start raining again fairly soon!
PS: Be sure to check out the latest Dear Mr. Ford column at for some interesting photos of Muni arrival times…

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2 Responses to Opening Day for the San Francisco Giants….and Dear Mr. Ford…

  1. Matt says:

    As a Giants season ticket holder (and not a MUNI passholder), I got used to buying passes onboard on my way to the park (from Cole/Carl), then from the tables outside the park after the game. Apparently, MUNI can’t be bothered anymore and scrapped the tables. They put the task on the Giants now, who opened two ticket windows. Yes. TWO ticket windows for 42,000 people. Some have cars, some have passes, but the lines after today’s game show that they really screwed the pooch with this decision. And in reference to the post, you cannot buy a pass onboard on the way home, nor from the ticket machines. You must wait in line at the stadium with the rest of the people who will soon find other ways to get to the park. Bad move, MUNI.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    Yikes! I’d assumed one could still get them at the farebox. Thanks for the update – and no thanks to Muni for finding a new way to piss off riders!

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