A Public Service Announcement from The N-Judah Chronicles

The Following is a Public Service Announcement from The N-Judah Chronicles
Now that the 40 days of rain is behind us and we all welcome the warm weather of summer, it’s time for some advice for those of you choosing to enjoy the hot weather (such as we had last weekend) and the many activities around our city.
If you choose to go outside and enjoy a day at the park, an afternoon cocktail, a run or bike ride, or just a plain old fashioned walk, please remember that when it gets hot outside, people get hot too. And when they do, they can smell bad.
This is not aimed solely at our vagrant population! Many people are unaware that when it’s 90 degrees outside, or even 70 or 80, without proper antiperspirant or deodorant, they can smell worse than a hippie deadbeat looking for “buds.”
Worse, many of these people have no idea of their offensive condition, but their fellow MUNI passengers do!
Thus, we at the N-Judah Chronicles ask you to please remember to use your favorite personal hygiene products before you go out. If you’re unsure which to use, please consult your neighborhood store, and choose one of the many products sold by America’s biggest corporations.
Save the environment and do a favor for your fellow MUNI riders! The N-Judah Chronicles and the people of the City of San Francisco thank you for your cooperation!
I’m getting a brand new Comcast cable modem any day now! Then I can post on a regular basis! Earthlink Sucks!

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One Response to A Public Service Announcement from The N-Judah Chronicles

  1. Jamison says:

    And then there’s the homeless who just don’t bathe.
    I was on the second car of an inbound Judah this afternoon, where it wasn’t bad enough the kids in the back half of train were so loud and obnoxious they’d driven everyone else to the front half other than the homeless guy who was telling them off, then at Stanyan another half dozen 20-something homeless kids got on, and first it was the smell of the cigarette the girl put out on the door once she was in the car, followed by all kinds of different smells while we got enjoy their pack leader talking about how he wanted to decapitate someone who’d pissed him off.
    How could I ever forget: never board the second car!

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