Lighting A Lighter Because Rocks!

Sometimes you need to stop the bitching and light a lighter in salute of those who rock and today, N Judah Chronicles lights its lighter in honor of for its recent series interviewing Director Nate Ford of Muni.
SFist did not a mere “interview” but a 7 part interview with Mr. Ford with some very direct and common sense questions about Muni, and about how he plans to tackle running our beloved Muni System. You can find all seven parts at SFist, each in it’s own little section: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7. Check them out!
Now, in and of itself an interview with a public official in charge of a large metro transit system may seem ordinary, but when you consider that some self styled alternative papers, their competitors, and other mainstream publications rarely report on Muni’s doings, much less ask questions of relevance to the average rider, you begin to see why the N Judah Chronicles is lighting its lighter. It’s as if figured out that if you include topics people actually care about, instead of what you think they should care about, they might, well I dunno, read what you’re writing!
We’re also lighting a lighter for Mr. Ford because he’s been making himself available on the radio, on, and other media outlets and trying to answer the public’s questions as best he can now that he’s settled in. It takes a lot of courage to sit and face the music with the myriad of folks and groups that make up our fair city, and the fact he’s willing to talk is a good sign. So we’re saying “thanks” to Mr. Ford and hope that our riding experience will improve under his tenure, and appreciate his candor so far. Hopefully it won’t be extinguished by our fair city’s tendency to go nuts sometimes.

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  1. Eve says:

    Aw, thanks, Greg! We aren’t done with the series yet — we’re just giving our readers a little bit of a break. Keep reading for more from Mr. Ford!

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