More Drama on the N-Judah Line – Bank of America Gets Robbed!

A day late with the news, to be sure, but then again I didn’t see anything in today’s Chronicle right away either…yesterday as I was getting ready to run my goofy errands of the day, I decided for some odd reason not to go to the post office like I’d planned. There was some noise, sounded like a bunch of fire trucks, and I got a call, so I ended up catching the next N outbound, vs. inbound, instead.
As it turned out, I missed a pretty nasty bank robbery at the Bank of America on Irving and 9th as a result. I did notice a number of unmarked police cars driving around, and suddenly all these guys standing at every corner. As the N went west, I saw more cars driving around, more standard patrol cars, and more police. This was getting odd. Was it real or just a filming of the pilot for Streets of San Francisco – 2006?”
I got off just before Ocean Beach, and there were even more. Now it was starting to look like an episode of “24” when the local policia are called in to assist Jack Bauer in kicking some ass in a residential neighborhood. I saws a news truck and asked them what was going on and he told me. Now, I would have “blogged” about this or ran out and got a camera phone to provide some local-news style entertainonews, but I suck, I figured I’d see something in the paper, but I didn’t.
Anyway, the last I heard they had caught one guy and were on the way to catch the other one, and the FBI was involved. Even people at the coffee place two doors down had no idea there’d been an armed robbery that day.
Car fires, armed robberies, all on the N-Judah line. What’s next?

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