Ride Free on Muni, Pretty Much Everywhere, On Thursday!

If you didn’t have enough to celebrate here in San Francisco, what with the hot, sunny weather we’ve been having and all sorts of exciting outdoor events downtown, now you have another reason to enjoy the week – and ride for free on Muni!
June 22nd has been declared a Spare the Air Day, due to the combination of heat and lack of wind, and to encourage people to get out of their cars and ride mass transit, you can ride for free on pretty much any mass transit system in the Bay Area!
For a complete list of participating agencies, check out this list at 511.org and if you aren’t already a mass transit rider, take a chance tomorrow.
If nothing else, try taking a cable car on one of these sunny days (like I did today). Times like these reaffirm why it’s kinda nice to live here. And it makes up for those gloomy days we had during the Haight St. Fair a few weeks ago!

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