Friday Fun on the N Judah Line

While reading, easily my favorite local website (and who threw a great party last week), I came across this story, about plans by a group of folks to take over an N Judah car and turn it into a party car.
I have to say I was amused, partially because I like the idea of occasional take-overs of public space and transport by these kinds of random events, and partially because I had planned at one point to do an N-Judah pub crawl this weekend, but put it on hold until later so I could plan it just right.
Plus, it is important to remember that back when San Francisco had a full network of rail lines in town, there were private cars one could rent to have drinks and dinner with friends on the way to the opera, etc. The practice ended when some conductors got loaded and crashed one of the cars (fortunately no one died)
If I check it out tomorrow, I’ll try and get some pictures and let you know all how it went. If you’re interested, show up at the 4th and King St. Station at 7:59pm and see what happens. Should be interesting.

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  1. TheRobin says:

    A pub crawl would be awesome on the N! You should try and have it a bit of a take-over and a bit of a crawl. Maybe a cool theme or something would be fun too.

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