It’s A Sunny Day Despite MUNI’s Computer Woes

After a couple of weeks of less-than-stellar weather, it was a nice belated birthday present to see the sun come out here in the Inner Sunset. As Comcast Internet is down at home, it gave me yet another reason to get out of the house and post away at the Canvas Gallery, one of the many free WiFi spots here in the neighborhood.
Don’t let those tales of MUNI woe or those mean folks on wheels get you down – get outside and get to the park and enjoy our remaining days of summer!
Also, loyal reader Steve Rhodes alerted me to the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema, which will be showing the short film N-Judah by Sam Green, on September 2nd. Apparently the short is available as a features on this DVD as well!
Thanks for the heads up, Steve!

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  1. T says:

    I don’t start summer here until late September.
    Because what kind of summer is it when you buy a space heater instead of an air conditioner, eh? A San Francisco one.

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