Town Hall Meeting on MUNI in District 5

Want to let Nate Ford, the MTA, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, and a whole host of Important Folks what you really think of your daily N-Judah ride? This week you’ll have your chance at a Town Hall Meeting organized by Supervisor Mirkarimi’s office, on Wednesday, November 1st at 7pm at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park at 9th and Lincoln.
This is a great chance to hear firsthand from the Important Folks what’s up, and give unfiltered feedback to said folks. Supervisor Mirkarimi deserves credit for getting this meeting together. I will try and attend, but my day job will probably have me working late, so if you attend and want to report back to us here at the N-Judah headquarters, please do!
No word on if coyotes, sex acts or coyote sex acts will be discussed, as they were in Jake McGoldrick’s district….

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3 Responses to Town Hall Meeting on MUNI in District 5

  1. MUNI Drivers Are Rude to Anyone After All!

    Don’t forget to attend the MUNI Town Hall tonight! This morning I read an interesting missive in the SF Chronicle about Yet Anoter Rude MUNI Driver – only this time it was not you or I , the average MUNI…

  2. Jeff says:

    Is there a list of upcoming MUNI “town hall” meetings? When is one coming to District 4?

  3. Your Questions Answered: MUNI Responds to Last Fall’s Town Meeting

    As you may recall, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi held a Town Hall Meeting on MUNI issues last fall. For those who attended, it was an interesting opportunity to address MUNI management directly, sans PR flacks or pre-canned responses. It ended up…

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