Due to Technical Difficulties…

I’ve been having some technical problems with both my sites, which has prevented me from posting as often as I’d like. I mean, when you have the Great Cookie Smell Debate going on, you wanna post something funny. Or, when the Transit Effectiveness Project announces important meetings today and tomorrow, you wanna tell folks a bit further ahead of time.
However, both my email and the comment/trackback functions on this site are getting spammed at a higher rate than my spam filters can handle. It is getting to the point where I may have to institute some sort of dreaded registration process for people to leave comments (most likely with TypeKey, but frankly that ticks me off because the last thing I want to do is force people to “register” a “password” to post a comment on the site. Not only is it annoying, but it’s just a blog, not the secure server for Washington Mutual or something.
I’m also in the process of tinkering with the site a little and changing the layout, but after almost completely shutting down the site, I’m taking things slowly so I don’t wipe out a year’s worth of work. I find it amazing that Movable Type does NOT have yearly archives built into the system….which means I have to cobble together some 3rd party solution!
In the meantime, the much talked about N-Judah Pub Crawl is starting to be planned, and I’d be interested in your suggestions. Thanks for your patience and look for an upgrade to the site soon!

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  1. Mark Ballew says:

    I think TypeKey/OpenID is really the way to go. I already use it with Livejournal and I’m pretty happy with it.
    I plan to make a late arrival to tonight’s presentation. I hope all goes well!

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