Your Questions Answered: MUNI Responds to Last Fall’s Town Meeting

As you may recall, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi held a Town Hall Meeting on MUNI issues last fall. For those who attended, it was an interesting opportunity to address MUNI management directly, sans PR flacks or pre-canned responses. It ended up being quite a lively evening.
However, with so many people attending, not everyone’s question could be answered in the time allotted, so Supervisor Mirkarimi collected the rest of the questions and had them submitted to MUNI officials, so that they’d be addressed by MUNI management.
Well, today in his office’s newsletter, they released the answers to all those questions. (If you don’t have Microsoft Word, you can
download a PDF I made of the document here.
I think it’s nice when elected officials hold town hall meetings that are actual meetings where the public can ask any question they want, and hold our city’s leaders accountable – instead of packaging some infomercial type meeting that’s boring PR. I look forward to more such MUNI Town Hall Meetings in the future!

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3 Responses to Your Questions Answered: MUNI Responds to Last Fall’s Town Meeting

  1. MattyMatt says:

    It is indeed very nice of them to respond. I wish some of their responses (the “we’ll look into it” ones) were more specific, like with deadlines and stuff. Also, would it have killed them to have proofread? There’s typos all over that thing.

  2. Greg says:

    @mattymatt: I agree, I guess I’m just glad that they were forced to answer any questions at all, without having the “difficult” ones censored out.
    No style of meeting is perfect ,but I will not forget when I had my chance to ask Mr. Ford if he ever rode the bus himself, and he gave a pretty solid, non PR answer. He seems to do better in person than when he has Ms. Whatshername running interference and yelling at people for daring to question the Supreme Greatness of MUNI.

  3. MattyMatt says:

    You couldn’t be talking about Maggie Lynch, could you? She does have a very protective relationship with Muni.

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