Blast from the Past Courtesy of Telstar Logistics!

If you’ve not already checked out the blog/Flickr phenomenon known as Telstar Logistics, you’re missing out on a blend of history, photography, and more that’s difficult for me to classify and do it justice. Just go there and check it out!
Today, they feature the curious case of a stash of MUNI PCC Streetcars that have ended up sitting in a yard in South Lake Tahoe. In the process, you get a small history lesson about the end of PCC cars in San Francisc, how some ended up sitting in a yard in Northern California, and how some ended up coming back to SF, reincarnated on the F-line.
Best of all you can see old pictures of the now-stranded cars as they looked when they were in service on the N-Judah line. Hooray!
All in all, worth checking out. Hey, it beats working on a sunny day like today, doesn’t it?

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