Being MUNI Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry…

Although I still would like to hear your tales of commuting woe, this bit of news merited an entry on its own.

As I mentioned earlier, SFist hero MattyMatt posed some video detailing the dreadful N-Judah performance on Tuesday, and included a link to a pretty sincere apology from MUNI director Nate Ford.

45 minutes later, it was removed, and this error screen appeared in its place.

I have no doubt Nate Ford was trying to be honest about the situation, in particular apologizing for MUNI’s seeming inability to communicate with the public, despite paying all those pros all that money.

I also have no doubt that upon seeing such an apology, some MUNI or MTA bureaucrat took it down.

Time to make ’em all accountable: the Mayor, the MTA board, the Board of Supervisors, all of ’em. And someone needs to say they’re sorry.

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3 Responses to Being MUNI Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry…

  1. meinWestAdd says:

    Commuting woes, oh WOE! I started off to school yesterday (City College), totally ignorant of the Muni mess. I have an 11 AM class so I figured that by leaving the house at 9:45 would give me plenty of time. Boy, was I wrong! The Van Ness station platform was crowded which should have been my first clue but I was too lazy to get off and walk to Civic Center to catch Bart to City. I paid for my laziness; I didn’t get to school until 11:30 AM. One hour and forty-five minutes later, long waits at Van Ness and then, all the K line passengers were dumped at the end of the West Portal Tunnel so that Muni could turn the K into a T – guess that’s one way to solve the bus shortage! Another 45 minute wait! Tomorrow I’m taking Bart; Muni be damned!

  2. Mac says:

    I’m a day late in chiming in, but yesterday (April 11) didn’t get any better.I’ve commented in my own Blog. MUNI better fix this crap or I’m gonna start plastering “WE MUST DISSENT!” stickers EVERYWHERE! ;-p

  3. Jerry Jarvis says:

    On November 6th and you can hold muni accountable by electing a new Mayor

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