Friday the 13th: MUNI Meltdown Wrap Up, and More!

Well, it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? Frankly, although I’ve got a lot of work and whatnot to do today, it’s Friday the 13th which frankly rattles me – and I’m not even superstitious! ( although one reader has suggested that perhaps the double whammy of MUNI and the 13th might make things a bit better.)
First, a thanks to Traci Grant of NBC 11 for my first “earned media” appearance on TV. Today, Ms. Grant posted a comment in our Commute from Hell thread looking for emails from you, the riders of MUNI, about your experiences this week. Send her an email about your latest horor story and she might use it on the air!
In more serious news, today MUNI decided to “fix” things with the T-Third line by replacing the rail services with a “shuttle bus” from Sunnydale to Caltrain.
On April 14th.
The same day as the big opening of the T-Third line!
Yes, you read that press release right. You have to wonder how the various PR people are going to spin that one to the press and a disillusioned public, much less Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi, who will be there to kick off a train line that’s being served by buses.
I’m going to try and be at the event tomorrow, but if any of you are going, take some pictures and post them to Flickr (or your favorite photo sharing site) and write in about your experiences!
Enjoy the weekend and good luck with the Friday commute!

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3 Responses to Friday the 13th: MUNI Meltdown Wrap Up, and More!

  1. John Chang says:

    To be fair, maybe it’s *because* of the opening ceremonies that they are pausing regular T service in that area. It is ironic that you can’t take the T to get there, though.

  2. Joseph Jelincic says:

    It’s clear what they are doing. They take the T-Third out of service, so when Nancy Pelosi wants to get on the T-Third at the big party, it will be staged and waiting. She won’t have to ride with the “real” people. There won’t be any delays, no back-ups, no bunching.
    Lame, lame, lame.

  3. Dali says:

    MUNI is so broken, I only decided to get actively involved now becuse I got that silly paper apologizing for the “last couple of days”. That is what got me over the line. I live in SF for 7 years now, lived in Europe before, I know what public transportation is, MUNI is not it (sad to think it is considered good for the USA). MUNI sucks, and I will start analyzing why.
    This is a great blog BTW, found it just now cause as I said, I got the energy only 2 days ago.. (negative energy, sadly)

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