Reader Mail – More Early Turnarounds on N-Judahs Outbound!

Loyal Readers once again submit their tales of woe on the N-Judah…today Reader Jeff S. relates what is becoming an all-too-common occurance – outbound N-Judah trains turning around long before they arrive at Ocean Beach:

Thought you might find this article from last weekend enjoyable (or frustrating or both).
SF MUNI:Broken – Friday Nightmares
And on a related note:
Last Friday around 4pm, two friends and I needed to take the N-Judah inbound from Judah and 28th. No bus in sight, we decided to walk the extra distance from 28th to 25th and Judah, which has a Nextbus display. Nextbus said 29 minutes till the next N. My solution? Walk another half mile to 19th and Judah. Just as we arrived, they were turning around an N at 19th! So we quickly got on.
My two friends (who always always pay) were so fed up with the N, that they hopped on the back figuring MUNI owed them a free ride. Had I not bought a fast pass, I might have joined their little protest.

First off, thanks for the link to SF MUNI:Broken – the author brings up some excellent points, as well as a tale of woe that mirrors one I had on Saturday trying to get home after a wonderful dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.
I have heard the problem our Loyal Reader brings to our attention enough times to wonder if it is simply going to become a fact of life for those living past the Red Line of 19th Street that the N may or may not take them all the way home. Not a pretty prospect at any time, but especially in the winter months.
I plan on sending a barrage of complaints to MUNI to see what happens. Maybe the money spent on those big parties for the T-Third and those many slick brochures could have been spent on something like making the one line that was once on time more than most stay on time.
Private Ford, what are you doing to my beloved N-Judah?

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2 Responses to Reader Mail – More Early Turnarounds on N-Judahs Outbound!

  1. Mike Radtke says:

    Regarding the N-Judah being the MOST
    ON TIME train:
    I suspect part of the reason is BECAUSE IT DOESN’T REALLY GO TO THE END OF THE LINE!!!!!
    If I”m getting kicked off at 19th or at Sunset at least once or twice a week-how often do they do it?
    On another note: If they now have the T-Third AND the Castro Shuttle after 9PM
    -why are they still running 5 Shuttles + 3 Ts + 1 J before you ever see an N?!
    I think perhaps I will send Mr. Ford a set of those kindergarten beads that they give to little ones to string on a shoelace so he can learn the meaning of the word FREQUENCY!
    1 red bead then 1 blue bead, then…
    it may be too much for him-forget it!

  2. Greg says:

    @Mike: My should have read “was ONCE the most on time train..” – it has been fixed.
    I agree though, the frequency of the N’s is in the toilet right now. The promise of ruining our commute to Caltrain and the Ballpark was a faster return time, but instead they’ve just made it worse!
    Ya know plenty of other countries seem to run decent mass transit and whatnot, it is NOT rocket science, yet in SF and in the US we have a whole class of bureaucrats, experts and apologists who run around in circles, getting paid to screw up.

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