Taking a Break From All Your Worries: An NJC Blog Reader Survey!

Today, I thought we’d take a break from all our MUNI worries and ask for your particpation in a survey of you, the Loyal Readers, to better refine the site as we approach our anniversary. The survey is powered by the Blog Reader Project, which is from the same people who produce Blogads.com, which appear on this site (or will starting next week!)
You can take the survey without worrying your personal identifying information is ending up in a telemarketing database in Bangalore, or an ID theft ring in God Knows Where. Also, I will know that people are taking the survey, but I will not know your specific names and email addresses unless you want to tell that to me. I tested it out and it’s safe – anytime there’s a question you don’t like, just skip it.
Although some other blogs are publicizing select portions of the results, the only person that will be looking at the results of the survey will be myself, as I try to determine what changes would make the site better and meet the needs of Loyal Readers new and old. Some data may be used in aggregate for “big picture” analysis by the BRP, but again, your personal information is never shared with them.
Click on this link to take the survey today and I’ll do my best to help make the site better, faster, stronger, bionic, etc. Thanks!

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