What Isn’t Happening Today, May 25th? – Today’s Guide

What isn’t happening today? I mean, really!
Surely by now you’ve been forewarned that our well-mannered, kind, and respectful friends of mass transit, Critical Mass, will be having their monthly cookie scream today, right when you’re trying to leave work and enjoy your weekend. Patron Saint of Truth, Dan Noyes had an interesting story in the run up to today’s festival of rage.
But wait! That’s not all! Downtown San Francisco will also be invaded by Zombies at 6pm, also. Oddly enough, the rabid undead that live on human brains have a code of conduct that’s actually better than that of the rabid bike riders. Fascinating. If they’re looking for brains, however, a fight with Critical Mass may not be such a great idea.
But wait! It’s also Towel Day, in honor of the late scifi humor author Douglas Adams. No word on if legions of wannabe Hitchhikers will be awaiting Vogon ships in downtown, but this is San Francisco (which Douglas Adams described in one of his books as “people starting a new religion is just their way of saying hi”).
It seems like it was just yesterday I was out taking random photos on a crazy Friday. And just like that day, Park Life Store will be having an opening reception at their store/gallery on Clement Street.
There is plenty of fun for everyone today, and this weekend. I’ve been trying out Upcoming’s website to find events, along with those dependable sites FunCheap SF and My Open Bar as well. Happy Commuting!
UPDATE:Ok, one thing that wasn’t happening today – MUNI running properly in the tunnel! I got on an inbound train at Van Ness, only to get the whole “we’re moving really slowly through the tunnel, take a surface bus instead” announcement. Thanks to MUNI I was late to another appointment. Thanks, MUNI.
UPDATE 2: Here’s a few photos, belatedly posted on Flickr!

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3 Responses to What Isn’t Happening Today, May 25th? – Today’s Guide

  1. Pete says:

    Also: North American Cycle Courier Championship kickoff ride & a pillow fight

  2. Nancy says:

    Have you gone to Noyes blog? The comments are as expected from anybody who deviates from the Gospel According to Bike Riders. All Cars are EVIL and those who drive them Are The Spawn Of The Devil. All bikeriders are angels, saints and completely innocent in any manner of being, doing, acting or …biking. I makes me very sad and angry that such a good cause has been so corrupted by a bunch of inmature yahoos. Last week I nearly got plowed down by some young man wizzing up the sidewalk. I’m over 60 and don’t jump aside fast enough, I guess.

  3. NJUDAH_RIDER says:

    Monday morning was another horrible day for inbound Njudah! There is one driver who always says “Good Morning” at every stop (Good Morning, Carl and Cole st). Anyway, he’s got driver madness disease. His thing is that he hates for people to walk up and push the open door button before the train fully stops. SO now for the past 2 weeks he won’t open the doors until he tries to teach everyone by screaming “Don’t walk up and push the buttons until the train fully stops!” He says this at every stop now, causing massive delays. Took 1 hour to get downtown today! He’s gone mad. I hate N Judah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -A rider of N Judah for 5 years

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