MUNI Screw Up Brought to You By the Letters K L and M and a Friday Link to Metblogs

Thank the Good Lord I don’t have to leave the Sunset until later (to go see the Simpsons Movie if you must know), as once again both MUNI and BART managed a nice blowout this morning, once again delaying people on their way to work.

Frankly, we just have to get used to this. Once again, the politicos in charge of MUNI are inventing new ways to drop the ball on actually fixing MUNI, but do manage to look good when smiling for magazine covers….just like they talk a good game to make the N safer and faster.

On a lighter note, the super-cool Anna at SF Metblogs was kind enough to link to what will probably be our last T Shirt with Goodstorm – our Stop Global Warming – Ban Burning Man shirt.

I have nothing personally against Burning Man per se – if .02% of the city’s population has an interest in something and pursue it, more power to them. I just get tired of the intolerant, hipper than thou silliness these supposed purveyors of free expression love to rub in everyone else’s face.

Funny how the people who speak loudest about tolernace, diversity, “fun” and whatnot tend to be as smug and exclusive as any frat house or society ball. Meanwhile, more people are at Comic-Con right now, and frankly, it’s a lot more relevant to most people’s entertainment than some party in a hot desert.

Enjoy your weekend!

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2 Responses to MUNI Screw Up Brought to You By the Letters K L and M and a Friday Link to Metblogs

  1. Nijma says:

    “what will probably be our last T Shirt with Goodstorm”
    Why? Are they going out of business? There is some buzz around the blogs that they are not paying their shopkeepers. (They promise to pay every month whenever there is $100 in an account, but several people say they have not been paid) Has anyone else had any experience like this?

  2. Greg says:

    I have been very dissapointed by the quality of customer service at GoodStorm. They screwed up a shirt and refused to reprint it, and they have some of the rudest customer service people (the kind that don’t answer your question and instead change the subject so they can avoid answering).
    I just hit $101.50 today in profits and expect to be paid shortly, if they don’t, I have no problems starting up a new blog called “GoodStorm” and letting them have it. I don’t care who is backing them or what “values” they talk big about – the fact is in a pinch, they failed us, and we’re going to Spreadshirt.

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