The N Judah Chronicles – 70’s “Streets of San Francisco” Style!

Loyal Readers: For fun, I decided to go with a summer color theme for the site, and thanks to my good friend Lauren at Quellette Design and the photography of colleague “Mason Powell” and his awesome photo from Golden Gate Heights park, I’ve gone with a 1970s, The Streets of San Francisco look. (I’m still making tweaks here and there, bear with me…)

You can also buy a shirt with our 70’s old-school logo at our online store for a limited time! This will be the last product we offer via GoodStorm before we close up there and move to our new provider – so act now!

There’s quite a bit of news and urban chatter to talk about, which will all be coming up shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this short YouTube video of the opening credits of one of my favorite shows! Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to The N Judah Chronicles – 70’s “Streets of San Francisco” Style!

  1. You probably know this already, but SoSF was recently released on DVD, and is now available on Netflix. Mrs. Telstar and I rented a few discs, and enjoyed playing “name that intersection” while watching.

  2. Greg says:

    @telstar: indeed. I can’t wait for the season that has Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guest star who plays a bodybuilder who goes into a homicidal rage anytime he thinks people are laughing at his body, yelling “doooonnnnnt laugh at meeeeeeeeee” and getting involved with Diana Muldaur (she of Star Trek and Star Trek TNG fame).
    I will never forget the time I was riding my bike around town in Burlingame as a kid, and seeing them film a shootout with Malden and Hatch.
    The irony, some 20=30 years later? the scene was SUPPOSED TO BE SET IN THE SUNSET.
    They also filmed one at one of those megamod apartment complexes on Trousdale in Burlingame near 280 to get a bay shot…too funny…

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