The Lighter Side of…Blogging: Misc. Updates from the N Judah Chronicles

This weather has been spectacular, hasn’t it? Makes it esp. hard to focus on all things blogworthy since I’d rather be outside. For today, let’s lighten the mood with a few pieces of news….
First, I got an email from the folks at Outside.In (whom I have linked to in the past). It seems they’ve found a way to put Google maps and blog postings together. Upon reading this, my first reaction was to wonder where’s the wacky ad with a guy carrying a jar of blog postings has some groovy chick with a bar of Google Maps collide, with blogolicious results?
Although it looks like I may need to make a few minor changes to make sure all mappable entries are mapped as such, you can still see the results so far and if anything it just confirms I really do like the revamped Blackthorn Tavern.
This weekend I’ll be putting together a new photo feature, so be sure to check in later on and see what we come up with. Despite a tiny scheduling snafu we fixed, it should turn out quite nicely, esp. since it looks like this weather is going to hold.
Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Remember, though, if you come to the Irving and 9th intersection to please be careful, and we’ll continue to put pressure at the approrpriate online blogs as well!
Endut! Hoch Hech!
UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I Spy Gallery on Market will be hosting the artwork of Georgianne Fastia tonight, and will have an opening party. They will also be offering 15% off anything for sale in the store, so if you’re redecorating your home and are looking for some interesting items, check it out. I’ve attended their openings before and they are usually pretty fun. And it’s right on the F-Market line!

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