Clang, Clang Clang Went the F*%$king Trolley: Last Night’s Commute

Last night’s rush hour going home was rather eventful. With a Giants game and a 49ers game at the same time, MUNI was rushing a lot of people to a lot of places, with some odd results. At least this time the signs on the N Judah said quite clearly that it was turning around at 22nd more often than not, which doesn’t help much if you had to walk from 22nd to the ocean, but at least they were up front about it.
One of our trivia crew, Anna from Metblogs, was coming into the Inner Sunset via BART and the N, and was amazed at the situation, to which I simply said “Well now you know why there’s an N Judah Chronicles!”
Odder still was the train I took to head down to the Blackthorn for Brainstormer pub trivia* which was ringing the warning bell as it rounded the corner from Carl to Irving. Now, this isn’t that unusual if the driver is worried about pedestrians and the like. What was weird was that the bell kept on ringing after the turn.
And ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and ringing….and so on. Apparently the ringer got stuck somewhere early on down the line, and it kept on ringing. Loudly. And after I jumped off the train at Irving/9th, it just kept on ringing loudly, announcing its presence to the entire neighborhood.
Overall, a weird end to a busy day.
*Sadly, our Heroic Team tied for first place, only to end up in 2nd place due to the tiebreaking question about some survey about the number of times the French get it on. D’oh! But we still won enough Schrute Bucks to pay for the drinks next time! And we still had fun! Woo hoo!

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6 Responses to Clang, Clang Clang Went the F*%$king Trolley: Last Night’s Commute

  1. anna says:

    Dude, I got a 43 masonic trip all the way home… she was turning in for the night and heading to the yard, which I leave near. Now that’s dangerous knowledge- a straight bus ride home on the 43, which took about 20 mins. Made up for the CHAOS that was the N from embarcadero-inner sunset at 7pm!

  2. Patrick Ledwith says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw the same N earlier in the day. I was sitting in front of the Beanery around lunchtime and it was ringing all the way from Judah to at least 8th. I hope that guy wasn’t stuck with a ringing bell for his entire shift!

  3. Doc says:

    The ringing train was still ringing when it was headed inbound. Of course it also decided to stop in front of my house @ 12th & Judah for an excessively long time. The people on the train looked positively miserable.

  4. Greg says:

    @Doc: That sounds horrible! It was weird being on the train and having everyone stare too, like it was the Barge of the Damned or something…

  5. Alex says:

    Well I hope at least ONE of you called 311 and reported the train (with the appropriate info).

  6. Greg says:

    @Alex: I am sure with the sheer number of people annoyed by the shrill sound, along with the poor driver who had to endure this, along with the many passengers, more than a few flooded the 311 lines with calls.
    how much good that does, I have no idea, but, statistically, someone called up to bitch.
    Me, I had a trivia table to reserve 😉

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