Miller Chill Girls at the Blackthorn!

You know you’ve picked the right afternoon to make that last stop on the way home of a very productive day of work, at the Blackthorn (where the awesome folks who work there make a late afternoon of rugby and live music like, awesome), and not only do you get to meet the lovely ladies of the Miller Chill crew, but ALSO the Miller Lite ladies giving out free bottle openers.

True, I’ve been drinking Miller Lite for years with limes and/or hot sauce and tomato juice, but if the Miller Chill ladies are handing out samples, and don’t have that awful Clamato crap in their beer, well then let’s just say the day was a two-fer.

Yes, the photo is a bit night-goggly, but it’s better than nothing. Otherwise I’d be vulnerable to the “pictures or it didn’t happen” meme, right?

Woo hoo!

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4 Responses to Miller Chill Girls at the Blackthorn!

  1. Patrick Ledwith says:

    SON OF A…
    Why, oh why, was I sitting at Wunder at the time the Miller chicks were right around the corner? WHY?!

  2. Greg says:

    Well they were quite nice and had free samples of “Miller Chill”, which was fun.
    how is that Wunder beer place? I have not been in since they took over…to be honest I was not a big fan of the place before it, and don’t think to go in, but I should give it a fair shot since the new folks took over….

  3. Patrick Ledwith says:

    It’s pretty good, and a HUGE improvement over Eldo’s.
    They have a bunch of their own beer (I think they’re up to 6, a new one seems to be released every other week), a few guest taps (stay away from the raspberry beer) and a decent pub grub menu. The staff is really cool… totally laid back, and they seem to be good at remembering regulars. I’ve hung out with one of the managers/bartenders socially one or twice, and he seems dedicated to make the place a success.
    The interior is essentially the same as when it was Eldo’s, but the vibe is infinitely better. Happy hour is from 4:30-6:30 – $2.50 Wunder brand beer (as opposed to $4) and a discount on the menu.
    Maybe it’s 4-6. You get the idea.

  4. Greg says:

    good to know, I’ll have to try it out sometime, take a few pics, etc.

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