The Birds of Java Beach Cafe, at the End of the N Judah Line

Lately I’ve been trying out a new exercise plan which basically consists of leaving an Undisclosed Location near UCSF, and walking all the way to the beach every morning. Since I don’t have a dog anymore, I don’t have that little reminder to get outside and do a dedicated walk in addition to all the other walking I do every day (dogs have a way of making their point that is rather unique if you DON’T walk them).
More often than not, I end up getting a small coffee at Java Beach, conveniently located at the end of the N Judah line. It’s a fun place I have grown to look forward to as I come to the end of my walk, and it usually has a line out the door because it’s so popular with the locals. If I have time, I like to sit down and read something before hopping on the train home.
Also, various species of bird have discovered the cafe as a great place to get something for free. One day I spotted these industrious little birds using the rails as a bird bar. Today, however, I not only spotted some rather odd looking little birds, but had one sit down at my table, eye my protein bar, and regale me with his take on the day’s events.
A nice way to start the day, for sure!

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2 Responses to The Birds of Java Beach Cafe, at the End of the N Judah Line

  1. Eric says:

    Walking to the beach is a great idea — mostly as a way to prepare for the fact that any day now, the N’s terminus will be officially moved from Ocean Beach to 19th. 🙂

  2. Coyote says:

    That bird looks like a starling. Starlings are very chatty and can make very loud, shrill whistles in addition to their other songs. Be glad they are not nesting right next to your window!

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