Wanna Corner Mayor Newsom on MUNI? Come to the Rescue Muni Fun Fest on October 1st!

Tired of bitching about MUNI on my blog? Sure you are.
Wanna say something to the Big Guy who will be appointing the new MTA Commissioners now that he’s asked for the resignations of the folks he hired on that board?
Or, do you just wanna to tell the guy how happy you are about the current state of MUNI management?
Well, you have a chance. Go, my friends, to the “Rescue Muni” meeting on October 1st (AKA tomorrow) and ask the most probing, nonpartisan questions you can think of.
Remember, no one serious is challenging this guys for his actual job, so your unexpected questions will be of value. Remember also that during the Mayor’s “problems” about that whole “you know” thing earlier this year was dismissed by Rescue Muni because he appointed such good folks to the MTA board.
People who he now wants to fire.
For now, let’s take a look at a YouTube Video of an N-Judah Chronicles neighbor who has some things to say about MUNI. Perhaps in his inimitable policy deliberations, Mr. Newsom might pay attention to what us mere citizen/taxpayer/riders have to say about what’s going on with MUNI….

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