N Judah Business Review: Sunset Barber on 9th Avenue!

Once upon a time, getting a haircut was a simple affair for a guy. Go to the barber, sit in the chair, get a haircut, maybe a shave with a straight razor, and enjoy a moment’s respite from daily life.
Then the 60s happened and suddenly, finding a sanctuary where one could get a haircut got more and more difficult. Suddenly, “barber shops” were no longer in vogue, and instead we had endless variants of “hair salons,” excellent at serving the needs of those who require highlights and endless expensive whatnots, but the rest of us just wanted a good haircut.
Fortunately for those of us in the Inner Sunset, Sunset Barber has been with us for 40 years, and continues to provide patrons a quality haircut in a modern, barbershop setting at a reasonable price.
The father-son duo of Issa and Jay recently remodeled their longtime location on 9th Avenue (between Irving and Judah), taking a classic barber shop and updating it for the 21st Century, while retaining all of the charm and neighborly feel that longtime patrons have come to know and appreciate. “Most of our business is repeat customers because they know we’re going to treat them right,” said Jay, as he masterfully cut what’s left of my hair the other day. “If we get someone in here once, they’re going to come back.” Besides, how many “hair salons” will give you a shave with a real razor, anyway?
Having been a longtime customer, I can attest to Issa and Jay’s mad haircutting skillz, and the friendly atmosphere that permeates the premises. More importantly, when I go to the Sunset Barber, I’m not just going to get a haircut, I’m going to help continue a successful family owned business that’s been around for four decades thanks to their hard work. Spending my money at a locally owned place like this isn’t a holier-than-thou political sentiment – it makes good sense because I get great service at a great price – and I have the added benefit of keeping my money here in town, instead of sending it off to the home office for that chain store around the corner.
With the recent improvements to the shop and young Jay’s enthusiasm for his work, I have no doubt Sunset Barber will continue to prosper and provide us with Yet Another Reason why we like living out here, and why the N-Judah continues to be a great way to find the best of Local San Francisco.
Sunset Barber Shop
1374 9th Avenue (between Judah and Irving)
1/2 a block from either the 9th/Irving or the 9th/Judah stops!

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