There’s Some Measure A Thing Going On, Or Something….Meanwhile I’m Taking A Few Days Off So Answer Our Question Of The Day

Rather than try and keep up with work, other duties, the much needed upgrades behind the scenes and post half-baked blog posts, I’m going to take a few days off to just work on some things for the big “upgrade” of the site.
Now, I would have liked to have told you about some pro-Measure A rallies (which you could have attended as a supporter, or as a detractor) that apparently happened, but every time I email or call the pro-A people they never seem to call or email me back.
Thus, I’m going to assume that they’ve got this thing nailed, in the bag, pwned, whatever, have endless numbers of volunteers, money and support, and not worry too much about it. If it passes, yay, if not, then something else will be on the ballot in some future election that might be better. Right?
In the meantime, if you were to give some advice to a tourist, either from one of the many fine states that make up the U.S., or perhaps a foreign tourist who is staying at a hotel downtown or in one of our many fine tourist areas, what would it be? What hidden treasures of the “real” S.F. would you recommend to them, and how would you recommend they get their on a cable car, MUNI train, or bus?
Thanks for your help and see you in a few days…

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