Taking a few days off…and an update on that MUNI double decker…

Normally I’d have all sorts of things to post, but I’ve been felled by that nasty cold/flu thing that’s been going around…it probably didn’t help that I was already feeling some symptoms over the weekend but a) pressed on with the Housing Hunt from Hell and b) stayed out in the cold longer than I should have. Oh well.
In the meantime, why not share with us some MUNI Holiday Good Will and Cheer? Or MUNI Holiday Ill Will and Jeers?
UPDATE: Since so many people are asking, here’s a schedule of when and where the Double Decker MUNI Bus will be test driving the streets of San Francisco….if and when I stop dying of this stupid flu, I’ll check it out!

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One Response to Taking a few days off…and an update on that MUNI double decker…

  1. Patrick Ledwith says:

    Good god, you’re *still* looking for a place?!
    As far as a MUNI rant/rave, I’m pleased to say that the newish newsstand at the Embarcadero station sells monthly passes with a smile (and a much faster moving line) than the pop-a-tent-with-limited-hours stands at the other stations.
    Feel better!

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