MUNI Town Hall Meeting with Supervisor Carmen Chu January 30th!

Reader Jeff, who runs the extremely helpful Sunset District Events Calendar, alerted me to a MUNI Town Hall Meeting with Supervisor Carmen Chu. The meeting will be held on January 30th from 7-9pm at the Sunset Recreation Center at Lawton and 29th.
Supervisor Chu has quickly earned a reputation for paying attention to constituent concerns, particularly on MUNI issues, and trying to prod city government to do something. In other words, she’s doing the job of a Supervisor, instead of using the job to get higher office or pull shenanigans. What a novel concept.
I will try and attend the meeting but if nothing else I’ll post a reminder and encourage others to attend, for sure. If you attend the meeting, be sure to post your thoughts here afterwards, and if you can’t make the meeting, try contacting Sup. Chu’s office via the city’s website.
I think when we have people trying to do something, anything to do the right thing, good citizens should encourage them to do so, and give ’em the support they need. It’s much easier for those in charge to invent new ways to mis-spend money and ignore folks – it’s a lot harder to try and do the job like one is supposed to.
Update: I couldn’t make it to the meeting as I got a last minute assignment for the paying job and had to get it done immediately…so if anyone attended feel free to post comments on the site!

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8 Responses to MUNI Town Hall Meeting with Supervisor Carmen Chu January 30th!

  1. Doc says:

    I sure wish they would stop scheduling these meetings at 7pm. That is bath time for the kids. Don’t they realize that some of us in the Inner Sunset have kids?

  2. Mark says:

    “Supervisor Chu has quickly earned a reputation for paying attention to constituent concerns,”
    Where do you get this from? Her first legislation piece was for additional sidewalk cafe fees to be lowered…or something. Clearly a north beach issue, but something Newsom wanted done.
    Where is she on the sunset issues? 19th ave safety? traffic? She has done very little other than to vote in line with the Mayor’s office.

  3. Greg says:

    @mark: I see your point, but do recall that ms. chu had no political aspirations at all when she was appointed due to the fact the incumbent was running around the district making an ass of himself. And, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to continue, only doing so after some consideration. Unlike some local politicos who kick and claw their way to the top, it’s been nice to have someone who just sees it as a job to do for the constituents first.
    I don’t know that one supervisor can affect 19th Avenue (it being a state highway and all, something Sen. Yee and Assemblymember Ma have tried to get the state off it’s ass to fix), and I also don’t know that cafe seating is just a “north beach” issue either. That said, it’ll be up to the folks of District 4 to try rewarding good behavior (such as bucking the Mayor on the homeless issue after that horrible stabbing a while back) and do things like the MUNI Town Hall meeting.
    We can all bitch about our electeds all we like, but if we don’t reward good behavior as well as bitch out bad behavior, nothing changes. Politicians are highly aware of what gets noticed and what doesn’t and respond accordingly. So let’s see what Ms. Chu does, and let’s see what the other candidates who run for the seat will do, and let the chips fall where they may.

  4. Alex says:

    7pm? Hell, I sure wish they’d stop scheduling them during the week. I wanted to go, alas I too was stuck at work (thankfully not on MUNI).

  5. Jerry Jarvis says:

    All aboard for the Newsom Chu-Chu train.

  6. PearlMay says:

    Carmen Chu has lived in SF two years. She is a Gavin picked “supervisor” whom he was drawn to because she was “naive.” I suggest she is only a Gavin pawn. Of course she wants your ideas as she has none of her own. She knows nothing of the City, the politics, the history etc. If she “decides” to run for the position, I hope all you Sunset voters remember her background, her loyalties. Hopefully we will have candidates for the Sunset supervisor who know the City, the Sunset, our needs, the politics of the City without needing to pick the brains of the residents represented. The Sunset has not had a supervisor who truly represents the needs of the Sunset in years. Come on Sunset people and don’t be drawn into the Gavin plan of keeping an LA raised unknowledgeable supervisor as our representative.
    Would you move to LA and in two years expect to be making decisions for a large part of the residents of that city? You would be as “naive” as Ms. Chu if you did and the people you were supposed to be representing would be suffering as much as we in the Sunset are suffering daily from the nonrepresentation of Ms. Chu. If she is accepting a salary for the position she is clearly not qualified for, are her hands any less dirty than Mr. Jew?

  7. Greg says:

    @pearlmay: Ya know I didn’t say she walked on water or anything, just that the MUNI Town hall was a good idea (Sup. Mirkarimi did a great one a while back as readers may recall).
    However, I’d like to uplift the mood a little bit. If you’re really so anti-Chu, who, then, may I ask would be a good viable candidate that you would support in her place?
    I am more than happy to allow for dissenting opinions here, but what I’m more interested in is hearing who you feel would make a better supervisor, and what you plan on doing about it. It’s really easy to sit back and say someone sucks – it’s a lot harder to name a replacement.
    I am sure , though, that there are many good citizens in District 4 that will run, and if Ms. Chu isn’t up to snuff as you say, she’ll lose.

  8. helen Chu says:

    @pearlmay: so if we follow your stupid logic, we’d elect no one but locals who have nothing but baggage and devotions to one faction or another. yeah, just what we need – another idiot pushing his/her own agenda and not interested in meeting and talking to the residents of the Sunset.
    Supervisor Chu may be new-ish to SF, but she wasn’t born yesterday. She’s a smart, rising star with experience in policy, budget.
    my family’s lived in d4 for over 26 years and we’ve NEVER had a supervisor as responsive as Carmen Chu! Since September, she’s actually done a lot for the neighborhood and the City, unlike any D4 supervisor I remember during these past 26 years! And she listens! It’s about time!

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