*&^%$#@! Internets…

You really have to hand it to the geniuses that run AT&T and Comcast…they keep coming up with new ways to screw up. I moved to a new place and Comcast wouldn’t let me order new Cable service because the old service was still “active.” So I gave up and cast my lot with AT&T and they said it’d be activated today, the 13th.
Ha! Instead after going through all the hassles to re do the wiring in this place and whatnot, they tell me now that starting on the 13th doesn’t really mean starting on the 13th (although the BILLING starts today!) and that it might work out later on tonight…or not at all.
They must be taking screw up classes over at City Hall to come up with something like that. I wonder if I can not pay my bill on time and tell them that paying on the due date doesn’t necessarily mean paying on the due date?
So for the moment I found a wifi signal in the neighborhood, but I don’t like stealing Internet from strangers, so it’s off to an Undisclosed Location for some wifi…hopefully we’ll be back online soon enough…

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  1. Patrick Ledwith says:

    Hey, you *finally* found a place? Congrats! Are you still in the same general area? You know that Wunder has free (albeit a weak signal) wifi, right? Or at least they did… they’ve been playing around with their business model a little and might have nixed it.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    I’m just a few blocks from WB actually….it’s a 6 month lease but it’s a start.
    There’s actually pretty decent wifi in the area…Yancy’s, the Blackthorn, the library, and Fireside all have some sort of Wifi…I’d heard that WB had wifi but hadn’t tried it yet.
    Also there’s a place down by Andronico’s whose name I keep forgetting, that also has wifi but I haven’t really hung out there much. It’s a cafe of some sort…

  3. Mark Ballew says:

    Greg, it’s time you bit the bullet and went with a 3rd party DSL carrier. Yeah, you can’t get bare DSL lines (yet), so you end up paying for a phone line you don’t use. However, the service is so much better! Try Sonic or Rawbandwidth, both are about $13/mo for your basic DSL needs, and when you call you get a real live human being that can answer your questions!

  4. Chet Marlboro says:

    I think the place by Andronico’s you speak of is the Kaleo Cafe (http://www.kaleocafe.com). It’s a nice quiet spot to read or study, some nights they feature live Hawaiian music.

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