A Day In the Life of the 44 O’Shaughnessy, Courtesy of the Chronicle

This morning’s Chronicle has an interesting feature about one day in the life of a MUNI Bus, and in particular, one on the 44 O’Shaughnessy (which was recently re-routed to connect better with the T Third line)
The 44 has one of the most circuitous routes in the system, starting out in Bayview/Hunter’s Point, and winding across town and ending in the Richmond. For friends and family who are coming up from the Peninsula to go to the museum, I often tell them to take BART to Glen Park, and catch a 44, as you save a significant amount of time and bypass downtown, and get dropped off at the Museum’s doorstep. Oh and the always awesome Melisa’s Chinese Cuisine is right on the route at 6th and Balboa.
This story is similar (but not the same) as the MUNI Trekker feature I’d planned to do, but canceled, but may revive later this year when the weather gets better. There are all sorts of odd MUNI routes that take you through a real cross section of the city, something most of us don’t see as we go about our day.
In an unrelated piece of news, the folks at Transbay Blog post details about MUNI’s latest showboat, the “Connected Bus.” You would not believe how much press the Mayor, Cisco, and MUNI have drummed up for this thing. I get a Google News Alert for various things related to MUNI and the last few days have been jam-packed with all sorts of PR gold for this wondrous magic bus. So check it out and let us know how the magic bus worked out for you!

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3 Responses to A Day In the Life of the 44 O’Shaughnessy, Courtesy of the Chronicle

  1. Plug1 says:

    more coverage/photos on the connected bus aqui: http://whatimseeing.com/2008/02/wi-fi-muni.html

  2. Joseph says:

    Well, as you know, for years the public has been clamoring for WiFi on standing room only buses.

  3. Greg Dewar says:

    @plug1: awesome pics!

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