Changes Coming to the Site…Watch Out for Nails, Bugs, Etc…UPDATED

I’ve been making some changes to the site that some of you have already noticed (Thanks for reading!)…I’ve updated the “Categories” on the right side of the page so that you can find older content on related subjects much easier. The old categories were an anachronism from when the site was still on Journalspace under the old name, and didn’t really make much sense. I’ve also tagged every single (!) article with tags, which you can’t see now, but probably will in the future.
Thanks to a helpful Loyal Reader, who fixed the problem in like record time (because I missed a setting or 2) the archives are now fully functional! Click away for archivey goodness!
Oddly enough, if you type in a word in the “Search” box in the upper right hand corner you can find any article from 2005 to today. And if you click on the temporary “archives” link way at the bottom of the page, you’ll see everything. But the category links right now are only showing articles from 2007, which is weird. So if you click on “Nightlife on the N” you’ll see recent articles ,but you won’t see the first one, from 2006, reviewing John Colins downtown. Weird.
Anyway, these are the first of what are going to be some more changes to make the site more useful. Also, since the blogroll plugin for MT is not likely to EVER be updated for MT 4, I’m creating at new category for links that will take you to fun sites around town, but also tell you a bit more about said sites so it’s not just a big long boring list (and those that we link to will hopefully get some more traffic).

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3 Responses to Changes Coming to the Site…Watch Out for Nails, Bugs, Etc…UPDATED

  1. Joseph says:

    Regarding fare collection:
    Something is wrong with the whole fare checking / fare evasion system. BART relies on *extra* money left unused on tickets. Caltrain dumps you off at the next stop, which is pretty effective. (It seems that conductors are more assiduous than usual in ticket checking this week.)
    Meanwhile, I’ve never seen any indication that you would ever need to pay a fare on the N west of the Sunset tunnel. I’ve never seen a checker on the N west of Noe at any time day or night in the past year. Is it just too much for MUNI to be bothered with?
    On a related note I am amused every time someone advocates distributing fare vouchers to the homeless. How about we start *removing* the non paying smelly noisy loonies from the train instead.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    @joseph: you nailed it on the head….I think they mostly try to nab fare cheats downtown because it’s easier to staff the inspectors at the exits to the stations given how many they have.
    If they spent a few more dollars on some inspectors who’d ride out past the Tunnel, etc. as you suggest, there is no doubt that you’d see a) a high rate of fare evasion tickets issued and b) more people paying the fare.
    It’s quite easy to forget way out here too. I remember one day I boarded the and realized it was the 4th of the month – and I’d forgotten to go buy a MUNI pass. Being the Ned Flanders I am I walked to the front and paid, but I also realized if I’d just kept quiet I could have had a “free” (stolen) ride to Safeway to buy my pass, but I figured if I didn’t pay, the bad MUNI karma would get back to me on a day like today, where it’s pouring rain or something…..

  3. Jeff says:

    I have seen fare inspectors (and fines handed out) on the N-Judah inbound in the Outer/Central Sunset. But I’ve never seen fare inspectors between 9th Ave and the tunnel in either direction, nor outbound anywhere in the Sunset.
    Still, I always pay my fare (generally with my token book). I even feel guilty when I’ve been waiting 45 minutes for a 28 bus and my transfer is 15 minutes expired. . Damn my parents for raising me with a sense of responsibility.

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