Putting the Blog on Autopilot: More Translink Nonsense….

Sometimes you can put this thing on autopilot since it writes itself….It seems that folks at BART are suggesting BART cut ties with Translink, the makers of those useless boxes on MUNI that were supposed to be used to collect fares. For 6 years now, there’s been endless cost overruns, delays, and excuses, but apparently it’s just par for the course with the contractor, the MTA, and everyone else, since no one until now seemed to mind.
Maybe the way to get this project shut down (thus at least cutting our losses) or finally finished and working would be to tell the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors and the MTA and MUNI that if they force these folks to just do what they were paid to do, the resulting increases in revenue could go to things like pay raises, big pay for Mayoral aides, and whatever the Board of Supervisors wants to blow money on. Since they don’t seem to care about asking people getting paid tax money to do the job for us, maybe this would help move the project along.
UPDATE: Friday’s SFist had a hilarious headline along with a 10 year timeline of this epic FAIL.

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