Memo to MUNI: Please Please Give The N Judah Driver a High Five Today


TO: MUNI Bigwigs
CC: MUNI Union Bigwigs, Mayor N, Board of Supes
SUBJECT: Can We Please Take Note Of A Great Driver on the N Judah Line?
Today I was taking the outbound N home around 4pm and for the first time in a while, we had a driver who not only did a great job moving the train along on time, but also actually called out the stops, the connections, and points of interest for each stop along the N-Judah line.
You know, like everyone’s supposed to, esp. in light of that whole Americans With Disabilities Act thing.
Since I was in the 2nd car I was unable to get said awesome driver’s number, but I did notice the number on the outbound first car was 1492, so if you could somehow determine who this person is and recognize ’em for a job well done, well, we citizens would appreciate it.
Perhaps if we spent more time rewarding good behavior, and putting good service and efficiency first, instead of silly political shenanigans (Mayor, Board, I’m looking at you), maybe we could have that greenie sustainable city we keep claiming to be all the time.
The NJC.

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2 Responses to Memo to MUNI: Please Please Give The N Judah Driver a High Five Today

  1. Joseph says:

    I just commented on this in my blog actually, after hearing a reminder announcement over the 29 Sunset operator’s radio Monday morning. There are, I think, three drivers who regularly announce stops and transfer points on the N. The only one I’ve heard announce what’s near the transfer points is a woman. Then there’s MAJOR TRANSFER POINT Guy. I think he’s been driving the route for a looooong time.
    The last time I took the L Taraval, the driver announced Walgreens, Safeway, …. Dude actually had a sense of humor. Odd.
    Last night on the trip north on the 29 Sunset, the front route sign was unlit, there was no annunciator board inside (it was physically missing; no voice either), and the driver was as usual completely silent. It was an *old* thoroughly creepy bus, something out of the yard that is normally never in service. One passenger had no idea where she was and at least she thought to ask the driver where Judah was. (He told her when he got there.)
    In what way is this legal for Muni? Why do they send out a bus with no annunciator at all? Or for that matter, buses with inoperative annunciators / GPS / so on.
    I agree; regular stop and transfer point announcements are great. I just wish they happened more than 20% of the time.
    Joseph, “The Muni Grouch”

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    I hear ya. It’s weird how when you have something really “work as advertised” on MUNI it’s like a big deal.
    It’d be like if the rest of us got an office party simply for showing up to work on time. Funny, that.

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