Reader Mail: A Suggestion To Pass The Time On A Crowded “N”

Reader Mark sends us this dispatch from the Sunset, expressing frustration with our Beloved MUNI, and a suggestion to pass the time whilst on a crowded train home:

Hey, I sometimes read your website, but have to say it’s been a while. I am a 6 year resident of the sunset and for the first 4 I rode the N Judah back and forth to work. Then, 2 years ago I discovered the 16X. Since I live at 17th and lincoln, i take this in the AM and take the N home.
Now, I am done with Muni. I am buying a bike and will use that as my mode of transportation. Still, I have a suggestion for your site. It boggles my mind how Muni is run…the most heavily ridden metro is always short changed. How can they not fix this? Yet routinely i see 2 K’s back to back or 3 M’s as I saw one day! What a waste…
So here’s the suggestion to see if this gets them going: Encourage riders to capture how stuffed the N gets with cell phone videos. I honestly think none of the officials ride muni. (Newsom, BoS, or the Muni head). So they must be out of touch to the realities of it…so I say let’s show them. (ok, i am not going to be one as I have given up…but i have hope and sympathy for those still going to use muni)

Perhaps this might be a fun spring project for all of us on the N, or any MUNI bus or train. Take your cellphone pics, videos, etc. of your crowded-like-sardines commute, and join the MUNI Follies group on Flickr. As submissions are sent in, we’ll find particularly entertaining ones and feature them here on the site. Thanks for the suggestion, Reader Mark!

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2 Responses to Reader Mail: A Suggestion To Pass The Time On A Crowded “N”

  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about. It’s time to tell those filthy rich politicians downtown how are commutes like!

  2. brian goldner says:

    great idea! it’s sooo web 2.0
    however, im personally of the opinion that muni service won’t improve until congestion improves (ahem, congestion pricing please!) or at the very least muni starts securing more ROW’s on their paths

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