Links of Interest for May 7, 2008

This week I’m highlighting links to a number of community websites you may or may not be aware of, all of which provide neighborhood information you might not find elsewhere.
First off, I saw a flyer for the Duboce Triangle Association Transportation Committee while on my way to Comix Experience last Saturday. They will be having a meeting on May 12th to discuss ideas for improving the stops at Duboce Park and Church/Duboce. Click on the link and check out the details.
Also worth checking out is the Sunset District Events Calendar, maintained by one of our Loyal Readers. I’ve mentioned it before, but wanted to make to include it here once again, as it has many useful links for Sunset residents, as well as the events list, which is integrated with Google Calendar.
Finally, I got word from Reader Mark that the Cole Valley Improvement Association’s new website launched just a few days ago, where you can find out all sorts of great news and information about what’s going on in Cole Valley. Artist Niana Liu (whose art we’ve featured before) also has a Cole Valley site at Cole Valley may be a small neighborhood, but it’s got two blogs. In your face, hipster neighborhoods!

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