o hai! Chronicle 2008 = NJC 2006

Reading CW Nevius’s column today in the Chronicle regarding MUNI fare collections and budget woes today is kind of like reading the N Judah Chronicles or SFist.com two years ago.
To which I’d simply say, welcome to the party, Chronicle, even if you’re a bit late! Let’s be real here: way way way more people read the Chronicle than my goofy blog, and if likeminded folks there can prod some action out of the brainiacs around town, fine with me. (I sure wish I got paid to write this stuff the way the pro did, but I do have a day job, and hey, the NJC have t shirts!)
For fun, I’ve rounded up all the articles we’ve talked about on MUNI’s budget and fare collection follies, test plans to allow “back door boarding,” fun with fare inspectors, and ongoing bitching about MUNI budgets. It’s a MUNI festival! Woo hoo!
At this rate, maybe I can use my brain waves to get the Chronicle to write more stories about other things I like, such as anime, movies, Comic-Con and happy hours. Just let me get my tinfoil hat and hippie crystals and I’ll be all set!

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