Because SFist Did It First, It’s Hot, and I’m Tired: Links for Bay To Breakers Info

Ah, SFist. Since I started this little site in 2005, SFist has been one of those constants on the blogging scene, always providing a mix of news and fun and the folks over there just radiate good energy. (I mean that, I’m not being a Snarky McBlogsnot).
And, because they’re so darn awesome, they have the two links you need to survive Bay to Breakers: the liquor store guide for the BTB route and the incredibly detailed MUNI press release including added N Judah service. (BTW, has anyone noted the irony of a press spokesman whose last name is “True”? I think that beats out Reagan’s press guy, Larry Speakes)
I’d actually planned on doing my own write up anyway, but it’s hot, I’m tired, I have a ton of work to do over the weekend, and well, SFist is cool so here ya go. Enjoy and play safe this weekend!
UPDATE: The good folks at the Transbay Blog also have a list of MUNI madness for tomorrow. Enjoy!

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