Links of Interest for May 29, 2008

Thanks to the good people at The Google, specifically their “Alerts,” I find all sorts of things I’d not find in my day to day reading. Today we have a number of neighborhood blogs that I’ve found interesting!
First there’s Stepdown Stepdown, the blog companion to Stepdown Magazine which provide a variety of urban life stories, all from the perspective of the MUNI rider. They’re fun to read, and have a nice mix that reflects day to day life in San francisco.
Two neighborhood blogs for Westsiders also caught my eye. Sunset Style focus on the architecture and related flourishes of the Sunset District. I particularly like how it picks up on the little details and the variety of architecture we have out here, since the Sunset filled in over time, and not all at once in one particular era.
Likewise, the Avenues Blog, which covers BOTH the Sunset and the Richmond, kicked off this month. Written by local Realtor Luba Muzichenko, it’s a nice mix of real estate info and neighborhood news. I look forward to reading this site in the future.
And finally, while not necessarily Sunset related, I would be remiss in not linking to What I’m, which is one of the best photoblogs of San Francisco and the Bay Area out there. There are plenty more (and yes we will link to them, trust me), but I wanted to make sure the site got a mention this week.
That’s all! Remember, you can always find past Links of Interest here, and if you have a site you’d like to suggest, please email me and I’ll take a look! Thanks!

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2 Responses to Links of Interest for May 29, 2008

  1. plug1 says:

    word up, thx for the kind words and linkage…

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    hey you do great work ,and deserve a lighter lit because you rock!

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