19th Avenue Closures This Week: Commuters Beware!

The Chron reports that due to various road work on 19th Avenue, residents this week can expect some delays as various sections of 19th are closed off. Be sure to check out the article and note the schedule, and plan accordingly!
Since 19th Avenue is often a popular “end stop” for the N-Judah, this might complicate matters even further. If you are having issues with the N (or any other westside line), post your experiences in the comments!

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2 Responses to 19th Avenue Closures This Week: Commuters Beware!

  1. This week has sucked. On Monday night at around 9pm there was a general outbound delay due to “signal problems,” whatever that means. I took the 6 home yesterday and it was faster than the N ever was. How does that make any sense.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    That is pretty wild, considering that the 6 can sometimes be one of the jankiest of buses on the westside…I used to take it on occasion when I lived by UC med center, and yeah, it can get kinda slow and lame…

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