Something I Didn’t Know About the Only Free “Spare the Air” Day on the 19th…

By now, you may have heard from all sorts of news sources that June 19th is going to be the only free “Spare the Air” day, whereby one can ride any mass transit and not pay a cent for it.
Such “days” are nothing new – but unlike in previous years, while many “Spare the Air” days may be declared, the 19th is the only day to ride free. Otherwise they’ll “encourage” people to board a hot MUNI bus. (We all know how well policies of “encouragement” work, don’t we?)
And now for the Thing I Didn’t Know: the Amtrak Capitol Corridor train to Sacramento, normally a $15+ ride to our Capital City, is free! If you have a need to go to Sacramento or its environs, it’s a cheap, pleasant way to get up north, and given how bad gas prices are, cheap. Free just makes it that much better!
Anyway, if you’re not a MUNI pass holder, take advantage of the cheap rides, and if you can bail on work and spend the day (with hopefully better weather) elsewhere, check out all the other places you can ride for free on Thursday.

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  1. sfmike says:

    Awesome tip, though I’m currently too busy to just take a day off and do the train ride to Sacramento and back. It is a great ride, however, especially if you’re at leisure. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

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