And Now, A Serious Post About A Sad Story in Our Neighborhood…

Longtime Friend of the N Judah Chronicles Eve suggested that I use the increase in traffic due to the recent attention this blog has received to ask for everyone’s help in finding out the trying to find the sickos who killed a dog that got lost at Ocean Beach.
If you spotted any suspicious activity on July 22nd that may be of use, please do not hesitate to call Animal Control with your info at (415) 554-9400. Yes, there’s a reward and all, but that shouldn’t be the reason one lends a hand here – it’s finding the sick #$&*%#$@! that came to our part of town, stole away a dog, and decided that stabbing it to death was a Good Idea.
Crime is on the rise in San Francisco, and it’s time we stopped just bitching about it on blogs, but take some action. If anyone can help out, please do so! Thanks!

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  1. Eve says:

    Thank you, Greg! Franny and Mags also give you the two paw salute.

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