Hey! The Police Commission is Meeting In Our Neighborhood!

Crime is a big problem in Our Fair City, and it’s a problem even in what most people “assume” to be a safe area like the Sunset District. That’s not the case – if you follow Captain Paul Chignell’s daily email reports of what’s really going on around here, there’s been some scary incidents on the Mighty N including some daring iPod thefts and the like
You can talk about these, and other “real world” concerns to the Police Commission Wednesday, July 30th, at St. Anne’s Parish auditorium at 6pm. The N literally drops you off in front of this place, and it’s a chance for your voice to be heard.
This is an election year, and at a time when violent crime is out of control, it’s important you as a citizen speak out. I’ll try and make it over there myself but if work delays me, I hope some of you can stop by and let ’em know what you think needs to happen in our neighborhood.

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