Um, What Is Going on At Forest Hill Station (at 721pm July 1)?

The MUNI Trouble Alert just told me that the Forest Hill Station is closed due to “police activity.” This is especially disturbing, since the TroubleAlert had mentioned this an hour ago, and whatever problem they had then is still going on.
Several bus lines, including the 43 and 44, are being rerouted away from the station, and NO trains will be stopping at the station either. This has been going on since 6:20pm so folks coming home may be delayed.
Anyone see what’s going on there? I’m safely at home, so any cell phone pics, dispatches, etc. are welcome in the comments section!
UPDATE: KTVU has the report, ftw!

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3 Responses to Um, What Is Going on At Forest Hill Station (at 721pm July 1)?

  1. Patrick Ledwith says:

    According to the person on 88.5 who was doing the traffic report at 6:15, there was police activity and street closures thanks to a suspicious package, but they were describing it as being at the Laguna/Dewey stoplight. A few minutes later they reported that MUNI trains were skipping the station.
    Must have been a mighty big suspicious package.

  2. Greg says:

    hmm…at some point you’d think with all the geniuses and all the money they spend on “homeland security” they’d figure out a better way to ascertain if a package is just some guy’s backpack he left behind, or an actual threat.
    as it stands, I shudder to think if one day someone decided to leave boxes and backpacks all over town.

  3. Craig says:

    My wife was able to get off Muni at Forest Hill last night around 5:30. Police had closed the turn-arounds on both sides of the street. Then there were used flares and ashes at the intersection of Laguna Honda and Clarendon this morning… don’t know if it was related.

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