Failwhale Regatta Plans Continue: Will MUNI Do The 19th Ave. 2-Step On Saturday?

As I posted the other day, there’s going to be a huge music festival in Golden Gate Park, and the potential for failwhale-on-failwhale action is fairly high. But now I’m really worried for not only the patrons of said music festival, but also those who might want to enjoy a cool block party sponsored by Pirate Cat Radio at the end of the N Judah line at Judah and LaPlaya. (Download a flyer here), and the best way to go would be to take the N, since it ends right there.
Now, we’ve already been told by the TroubleAlert there’s gonna be delays. But if MUNI and their operators start pulling that “Let’s Turn Around The Train at 19th Without Telling Anyone” nonsense, well, we’re looking at a massive case of FAIL that’ll beat July 3rd’s Day of Hell.
Let’s consider this post an open plea to MUNI managers, operators, and Everyone Else to please try and make this weekend not a Failwhale Regatta so epic we’ll be telling our grandkids about it. A lot of people worked hard to create some community events and it’d be nice if MUNI worked as advertised for them.
Oh, and also, it’d be really awesome if MUNI worked as advertised for the citizens of San Francisco who pay for it and technically own it, too.
PS: Does it bother anyone else that we, the people, are the owners of MUNI and yet we have a whole bureaucracy and workforce totally unaccountable to us, as said owners? And, does it bother anyone else that folks are putting a plan on the ballot to create a public power system, with the same sort of lack off accountability MUNI has? Ay caramba!

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