N-Judah Business Review: Cheese Boutique at 12th and Irving!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of local businesses on the Mighty N line, and I’ve got a stack of business cards and notes for all the great places I’ve been meaning to write about but haven’t had a chance to (day job and all that). Today I want to talk to you about Cheese Boutique, located at 1291 12th Avenue, at the corner of Irving and 12th, just one block from the 12th Avenue N Judah Stop.
It’s a small store, located in the same block as some of my other favorite places, such as San Tung Chinese Restaurant, the Pho noodle place, and so on. There’s so many great businesses here you might miss Cheese Boutique during your daily routine – as I have done so until several months ago. Believe me when I say I’m glad I broke the pattern and walked in.
Owned by Rick and Nada Malouf, Cheese Boutique does indeed have a wide variety of gourmet cheeses, as you might guess. However, what you might not know is that they offer one of the best tasting, bargain priced sandwiches you can find in the Inner Susnet.
For less than $5 you can get a salami sandwich on a fresh, locally baked baguette with everything on it, and it’s really good. 90% of sandwiches made in delis suck, so when I find one that’s good and low cost, I take note. I’ve often picked one up on the way to Pub Trivia at the Blackthorn on Mondays. (And yes, they have other choices as well, all high quality meats, cheses, etc).
However, one of the biggest secrets of Cheese Boutique is the fact that their prices for things like salami, cheese, etc. are some of the lowest you’ll find. For example, I like Molinari Salami, so much that I won’t buy anything else. At Andronico’s or Lunardi’s it’s 12-13 bucks a pound (!) while at CB, it’s only 8.99, freshly sliced.
Needless to say, that’s a heck of a deal, and one of many reasons I’ll go back. Plus, you’re supporting a local business which isn’t just good for feeling good, it’s good for the local economy too.
Cheese Boutique is an example of one of the many local businesses we can have a “blind spot” to as we go to familiar places over and over again, not realizing that sometimes there are other great things hiding in plain sight.
I plan on sitting down one day and blasting out a stack of pending reviews of other local businesses that are worth a second look. If you have any suggestions or finds of your own, feel free to email me and let me know!
Cheese Boutique
1298 12th avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122
415 566 3155
One block from the 12th Avenue N Judah Stop
One block from the 11th Avenue 71 Haight Noriega Stop

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  1. tangobaby says:

    Yay! I LOVE the Cheese Boutique and the owners could not be nicer. They know so much about their products and I love shopping there.
    Great review and great post. I’m glad you’re giving them a shout-out.

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