Welcome New Readers, and Some Changes Coming…

I didn’t quite anticipate just how much attention that winning the Guardian Best of the Bay poll would bring to this blog (seeing as how I had no idea the BOTB even had such a category!) and first I’d like to say “Welcome” to all the new readers!
This has also resulted in significantly more “Reader Mail”, so much so that I think I’m going to designate one day to publish all emails submitted, rather than print them as they come in. That way you can read what your fellow Loyal Readers are thinking, and join in the discussion.
On a side note, we may be changing how we allow comments on the site. One thing no one sees here is the immense amount of “comment spam” the site receives. As a result, I have to approve every single comment so that the 10 spam comments don’t get published and the 3 “real” ones do. I think that forcing people to regsiter for every single site is a hassle, but I hate spammers too. And for some reason the option to allow people to use their OpenID (aka your yahoo login) isn’t working here either. So for now we’re investigating some no-hassle ways to change over to something a bit more manageable so you can participate easily on the site. Suggestions are welcome!
Also, to new readers: I would direct you to the Subject Archives section, where you can read past entries on specific subjects going back to 2005. If you’re wondering if we’ve talked about something, you can look there, or type in a search term in the Search box in the upper right hand corner too.
Finally, I’m going to try and get some professional assistance to make a long-delayed upgrade to the site’s layout and interface. I’ve been working on this for some time now, but as my MovableType and assorted HTML skills are limited (and I have a day job!), what takes an expert a day takes me much longer.
However, the site’s basic layout hasn’t really changed, aside from colors, since 2006, and is lacking in some features many of you have inquired about that I would like to add. If anyone out there wants to pitch in, I can’t offer much in the way of millions of dollars, but you could get a free shirt or two out of the deal, and credit on the site as well.

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