Looks Like Someone Beat Me To It: Pub Crawl In the Inner Sunset!

So there I was reading a weekly paper and saw an ad for a pub crawl in the Inner Sunset. Which is funny because I’d been wanting to do one of my own, but didn’t have the time to do it right (and of course there was the debate as to how far down the N line we’d go, but that’s another story…)
Anyway, by clicking over to their site you can buy a ticket for $6, and hop around between many cool bars from 4-8pm on Saturday, the 6th. You can also buy a ticket in person at the Fireside Lounge on the day of the event, but the cost goes up.
Right now it looks like they’ll be hitting the Fireside, Yancy’s, the Blackthorn, the Mucky Duck, the Little Shamrock and…Darla’s (?). Anyway, if you’re looking for something to do on a warm Saturday afternoon/evening, why not check it out and support some locally-owned bars in the process?

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