Reader Mail: MUNI’s At It Again With 19th Avenue Turnarounds!

A little over a month ago, there was a flurry of press releases and news stories, promising severe punishment to any driver who shorted the N Judah line by dumping passengers at 19th, and turning around. Remember? Lots of big promises made by MUNI and Our Elected Officials.
This morning I got two emails from Loyal Readers Stan and Joseph:

I don’t remember the official term for it, but tonight, coming home from downtown, I got off at 19th Ave, and walked to my place at 21st Ave, where the train had disembarked everyone, so they were all standing in front of my place. There’s no stop there. I asked what happened, and some guy who knew you said they’d been dumped there while the driver turns around. The next train was coming in a few minutes, but still. I tried to get a camera to take a pic, but was too late, catching them when they got back on. I thought they stopped doing this?
-Reader Stan
The good old days are back! Got booted off around 1130-1145. I called 311 to file a complaint and guess I’ll call Ken McDonald tomorrow.
You know, the one single awesome thing about Muni is how polite the 311 people are. I genuinely enjoy talking to them.
-Reader Joseph

Upon re-reading the Chronicle article from August 6th, either this was a planned outage by MUNI (late at night) or, the drivers are up to some shenanigans. As always, when you call in these things, you never ever hear back or find out what really happened. You’d think, though, if it was planned in advance they could at least tell passengers sooner, and not as they’re on their way home late at night so they could make alternate plans.

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